Anniston Criminal Lawyer


Being accused of a crime is an awful experience. It is just the start of a confusing and often terrifying process. You have been publicly branded as a criminal. You have been arrested. If you are lucky, you have made bond. If not, you are locked in a jail cell before you get a chance to defend yourself. You are outnumbered. The State has prosecutors, investigators, and the police.

As an Anniston criminal lawyer we know what you need. You need someone in your corner who will fight for you. You also need someone who knows what options are available to you in your specific case. The final decisions in a case is always made by the client, but it is my job to make sure my clients know what all of their options are. Some cases need to go to trial. Some cases are better resolved through plea bargaining. Some cases can be resolved through pretrial programs such as Drug Court, Mental Health Court, Veterans’ Court, or the Pretrial Intervention Program. A large part of good defense work is knowing what programs a client might be eligible for to help them resolve their cases and address their problems.

Whether through trial, plea bargaining, or one of the many pretrial intervention programs we will advocate zealously for your best interest and defend your rights. We have the experience necessary as an Anniston criminal attorney to help you through this process. Call us today.